Production at Location Services
Execution of kitchen services in our facility in a way that insures high level Food Safety Standards is our responsibility and our commitment.

We  offer various services to meet your needs and expectations during all the food production and presentation services in your facility, to include breakfast, lunch, dinner, lunch boxes, all food and hot-cold beverage services during breaks, special business meals, and picnic organizations.

Transported Meals Service
We deliver service to you from kitchens where high level food safety criteria are implemented, that have the latest production technologies to support this, with employees who are expert in their fields and continuously update their knowledge with training programs and with our supply chain network that supports these processes.  

During the time food-beverage services are provided, one of our employees will be identified to remain continuously at your side all day to be with you at every step – service preparation, after service services- making arrangements that match  your needs, to listen to you and to answer your demands.
School Meal & Canteen Services
Implementing procedures that answer the needs of all age groups from kindergarten to university is our specialty -that sets us apart from our competitors.  Nutritionists equipped with the latest technology ensure Food Safety Guarantee and our company’s strict standards insure the health of our customers, who we value greatly.  

Party & Organization Services
We understand the importance of hosting your guests during any event you will hold in or outside your facility and our team will be pleased to give you the best service.  

You tell us the time you will be with your guests and what kind of service you will require, then let our team prepare your meeting room, food and beverage buffets, serve you and your guests while your work is continuing.  It is our duty to ensure the organization you desire on all your celebrations you will conduct in your facility.  

We provide the convenience of one supplier for any ancillary services you will need on your special events - meals, picnic or meeting organizations - and we develop integrated solutions.  In this perspective we coordinate all services such as sound and light shows, table settings, DJ or live music for you and we take great pride in bringing all together for a successful event.  

Our services  provide support to our solution partners  with the aim to manage all the works exclusive of food services that separate our customers and other potential customers from their main field of work.  

Ready Made Food
Our expert team is ready to serve the ready made foods of worldwide known brands and provide their logistics.

Restaurant & Cafe
We aim fort he highest level of taste and service quality in the restaurants and cafes we opened uo as a group. In today’s condition, we ensure that you and your guests eat healthy.