Working at IFC...

IFC is a group active in the food and beverage services sector, answering to its customers’ needs by aiming to ensure high service and food quality, having the principle to sign on big projects in this field.  

It is a company that is conscious of the fact that success can be obtained by building on continuous good relations between its own personnel and the customer, by continuously listening to each other and ensuring perfect team work.  

Our employees, who are right at the heart of our work, are very important to us in reaching these targets and to ensure success.  Thus; we try to employ the most suitable people in the most suitable way and we develop employer-employee relations maintained in a relaxed and efficient environment reflecting our company culture.  We give all of our employees the opportunity to reach the necessary training and development to advance.  
We give opportunity for our personel to take on responsibility at all times and in all aspects of our work, thus we ensure they have the business knowledge required for the work to be done completely and on time.  We ensure the necessary processes for our employees’ individual performances to be acknowledged and manage continuous improvement, contributing to a positive and rewarding work environment.